Want to work for Hunky Butler Service?

Hunky butler service is always looking to recruit more good looking people for entertainment work in the Uk. Do you have what it take’s to work for us? then join our growing team by filling in the application form for the job you’d like.

Join more than 300 Buff Butlers currently working for us!

If your application is successful then we give you a contract which will either be renewed  every 6 months or a annually.

In our contract it will state our rate’s and what we expect from all our employee’s.
You get a company uniform if you applied for ( Buff Butler, Naked Waiter and Topless waiter work ) then after signing the contract we dispatch uniform.

 We are recruiting all over the UK!

Hunky Butler Service Criteria

  • All applicant’s must be a resident of the UK
  • Have experience for Butlering work training can be provided
  • Transport is required
  • Age 18-40
  • Must be reliable
  • Have a professional attitude to work
  • Be flexible for bookings
  • Be available for work at the weekend
  • Send us clear image’s when applying