Wine tasting challenge

Wine Tasting Challenge

Hen parties have a reputation for being  brash an lacking in sophistication but we know that isn’t true of every hen party – some just want to relax, have a good time with their best friends and take away amazing memories from the event.

If you’re looking for a classy hen party game then this one tops them all – a wine tasting challenge!  Do you know your Rioja from your Tempranillo,  or do you struggle with telling Lambrini and Pinot apart?

How to Play:  Hen Party Games – Wine Tasting Challenge


  • A mixture of wine – if your group doesn’t have a great knowledge of win then get a good mix of red, white, sweet and dry wines to make it a bit easier
  • A bag or bags to conceal the bottles in (or keep them in another room)
  • A marking sheet – we’ve supplied you one to print out at the bottom of the page, because we’re nice like that.
  • Pens
  • Glasses or disposable cups
  • A blank sheet of paper


It’s easiest if you write the description of each bottle of wine along with the name and number in which you gave it to the hen party to taste on a sheet of paper as you’ll need to keep the bottles hidden.

Pour a small amount of wine from your first bottle in to a glass for each of the hen party, without them seeing the bottle and allow them to taste it.

Read the description of each bottle of wine and its name to the group.

Each hen has to then write which wine they think the bottle is on their score sheet.

Once you’ve done this then give each hen a fresh glass and start with your next bottle and so on until all the bottles have been tasted.

All you need to do then is mark each sheet and it’s nice to have a prize for the winner and loser which the bride presents.


Hunky Butler Service variations:

There are some great variations you can add to the wine tasting challenge including:

  • Blindfold each hen so that they can’t see the wine they are tasting for an extra challenge
  • Ask the hens to add how much they think each bottle of wine costs beside their answer
  • The hen party wine tasting challenge is great for each hen to play or you can split in to teams if you don’t want people to be embarrassed if they aren’t knowledgeable on wines.

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