Brilliant hen party balloon game

This hen party game is as simple as they come but is highly entertaining. It involves two teams passing a balloon without using their hands down a row of hens without allowing it to fall to the floor.

Pass the balloon can be a good ice breaker but is better played when your hen party have got to know each other over a few drinks – it involves quite close contact!

How to play: Pass the balloon game

Equipment: Some balloons

Split your hen party in to two teams (or more if there are lots of you) and line them up in a row.

Each team needs a balloon and the object of the game is to pass the balloon from player to player without using their hands.

You can specify which body part the teams have to use- under their chins or between the knees are the most popular places – or you can leave it for your hen party to figure out.

If the balloon falls on the floor the team has to start again. The team that gets the balloon to their last player first is the winner!

Variation:  You could swap the balloon for condoms for a bit of extra spice.

The is an easy hen party game to introduce forfeits in to, such as every time the balloon is dropped the offending player, or whole team, have to take a shot or do a dare during the hen night.

Enjoy your pass the balloon hen party game!