Buff butler london

Naked Butlers London

Hunky butler service provides naked butlers London and surrounding area's. Our naked butlers all have charming smile's an rippling ab's and know how to entertain an pamper guests, So whether your planning a small gatheringbuff butlers newcastle at your home, arranging a hen night out, Birthday party in your local bar or club. We have it covered, we'll make sure your event / party is a huge success and most of all FUN.

          BOOKING info


        To book naked butlers in London or topless waiters London or our cheeky butlers fill out the form to the right! Please tell us as much information as possible this allow's us to ensure we can brief butler and send you a tailor made quote to suit your event / party budget!

We have made booking with us very simple, you have 3 options!

  1. Fill out our booking form.
  2. Call us on our free phone number 0800 530 0353
  3. Don't want to fill out a form or speak to us now, simply text ''quote '' to 51772 when your ready to book!

*It's as simple as 1,2,3!

*Texts charged at standard rate set by your network.

        A bit ABOUT US

Hunky butler service has been hiring cheeky buff butlers in London since 2013, We have a large database of handsome cheeky Butlers in London, giving the lucky bride to be or birthday girl some  eye candy with naked butlers in London, If you think our buff butlers in London or naked butlers London isn't right for you, then choose our sexy topless waiters in London.

 What will my BUFF BUTLER WEAR?

What you like your naked buff butler to wear and do is really up to you, 10356223_10155683216125594_4511883902696327826_n have him    wear standard buff butler uniform apron, bum out with collar and cuffs or topless    waiter for the more reserved type of person or formal event he wears trousers,          collar and cuffs.

 How do I pay for my BUFF BUTLER?

Payment is taken after we contact you, don't worry we don't take the full amount just a deposit. We accept payment thru paypal, bank transfer or credit and debit card's for your booking deposit.