Hen party games to play with your NAKED butlerS

We have put together a top 10 list of game’s you can play and get your butler involved!
All of our Butlers in the Buff are all up for a laugh and have played most of the above game’s,
why not book a buff butler for your Hen Party and play some game’s to liven things up and make your night a more memorable and fun time.

Wine Tasting Challenge Hen Party Game
Dirty Truth Or Dare

Our games are lots of fun and easy to play at your Hen Party especially with a butler.

We have carefully scoured the internet to find the most popular Hen Party Games that you can play with your Cheeky Butlers, they are all very easy and require minimum effort for maximum fun.


Hunky Butler Service offer our services nationwide since 2016 and here’s an interesting fact, you may not know, we’ve been part of more than 1000 special occasions in the UK. ( 2 years closed due to covid 19 global pandemic )

What’s the difference between Topless Waiters & Buff Butlers?

We only recruit the best guys in the business and in terms of duties carried out, they remain the same regardless of the service booked.
So that said lets dive right in to the nitty gritty and clear up the differences, a Topless Waiter wears a more formal outfit.
Even though some flesh is on show it’s just the torso and bottom half covered with black trousers, choice of footwear usually shoes, they do still use bow tie and cuffs if required.
Your typical what’s called Butler in the buff, we call Buff Butler wears a skimpy apron revealing a bare bottom, again collar and cuffs are standard iconic part of their uniform.