Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Buff Butler?

A buff butler is a male server who is dressed only in a bow tie, collar, cuffs, and apron. They are hired to serve drinks, play games and take photos with guests at parties and events.

Q: How Do I Pay?

We accept payments via bank transfer or cash on the day of the event.

Our deposit requirements are approximately 50% of the total service price, depending on the specific service you choose. The exact deposit amount will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

The remaining balance for your event is due 14 days before the scheduled date if paying via bank transfer or cash on the day of the booking. Payment terms may vary depending on the service selected, and these details will be provided during the booking process.

Kindly note that deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation. Should you decide to cancel with less than 14 days remaining until your event, all payments made will be non-refundable.

Q: Will The Butler Bring Party Games To Play?

Certainly! Our butlers arrive equipped with suggestions for hen party games to offer you, or they can join in on any games you've already arranged!

Please remember to provide any necessary props for games.

Q: Can The Butler Stay For Extra Time?

We can explore the possibility of extending your butlers' booking for additional hours. However, please note that this is subject to availability as our butlers often have consecutive bookings.

Therefore, we advise booking your butlers for an extended duration well in advance!

Please be aware that our butlers are not authorised to remain at an event once their scheduled booking time has ended.

Q: Will The Butler(s) Come To A Hired Venue/Bar?

Certainly! Your butler is available to accompany you to any venue of your choice, provided that the venue has given approval for their presence.

Commonly, private residences like houses, flats, hen houses, cottages, and private rooms within bars are favored venues for butler services.

Please ensure that your chosen venue is private and secluded from public view.

Q: What Happens If I Need To Cancel My Booking?

The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a future booking should you choose to postpone rather than cancel.

In the event of cancellation with more than 14 days' notice before your scheduled event, any additional payments made beyond the deposit will be fully refunded. However, if the cancellation occurs within 14 days of the event, no refund will be provided.

Q: What Will Happen On The Day Of My Booking?

You can count on our Butlers to touch base with us bright and early on the morning of your booking, leaving you with peace of mind.

Your Butler(s) will reach out to you 5 – 10 minutes before their scheduled time, giving you a heads-up call once they're outside, ensuring their arrival remains a delightful surprise.

Please ensure we can reach you at all times before your booking. Failure to connect may result in a reduction of booking time or even cancellation.

Upon arrival, the Butler(s) will require a designated area to change and prepare promptly for the event.

Q: Does The Butler(s) Need Somewhere To Change?

Yes, the butler(s) will arrive at your venue fully clothed and will require a room to get changed into his uniform. Preferably a bathroom or bedroom would be ideal. He will also need a safe place to store his belongings.

Q: Can I Book More Than One Butler?

Yes, you can book as many butlers as you require. Please communicate the number of butlers you require when filling out the booking form or when calling us directly.

Q: Can we touch the butler(s)?

Yes, appropriate touching of the butler(s) is fine, provided you ask and receive consent from the butler(s). Please remember to respect all our members of staff.

Q: Can I Choose My Butler(s)?

Share your preferences with us, and we'll pair you with the ideal butler(s) for your event. However, due to the busy schedules of our Butlers, we cannot guarantee we will match your exact requirement.

Q: How Many Butlers Should I Book For My Event?

As a general guideline, we suggest having one butler for every 10-15 guests. However, the choice is completely yours.

Q: What Do The Cocktail Classes Involve?

We'll supply all the necessary ice, glassware, alcohol, and fruit. Your mixologist will arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure everything is set up and prepared for the class. Each guest will get the chance to make up to 3 cocktails during the two hour class.