The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Split the hens into two or more teams and have them create beautiful wedding dresses from rolls of toilet paper – the bride can then pick the best dress and that team win a prize. If you want to make this game even more fun, Amazon have toilet paper in some spectacular colours – including bright pink!

This is what you need to play DIY Bride

  1. Sellotape
  2. Phone or a stopwatch to time each team
  3. Toilet Rolls
  4. Optional Extras: Coloured Tissue Paper, Paper Flower, Brooches and Foil

How to play DIY Bride?

We have created 10 simple steps on how to play DIY Bride

  1. Split your hen party into different teams of about four or five people.
  2. Nominate one of your team members to be the bride.
  3. The bride sits this game out as she will decide which team has won!
  4. Give each team a kit with about four toilet rolls each, a roll of sellotape, a hen party veil and any added extra embellishments that you want to give out.
  5. The Bride To Be sets the timer for five minutes or less.  The less time you give them, the more hectic the game, the more hilarious the results.
  6. Each team has four or five minutes to create the best wedding dress they can out of toilet roll and any added extras you have provided them with.
  7. When the time is up, each team has an opportunity to explain to the Bride To Be the inspiration behind their design and why they should win.
  8. The Bride To Be then judges each wedding dress and gives it a score out of ten.
  9. The winning team receives a prize. We like the idea of giving the winning team a hen party survival kit for the weekend.
  10. The losing team receives a forfeit!

Our Naked Butlers love playing DIY Bride Hen Party Games