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websiteChocolate making – the art of creating delights such as Belgian chocolates, pralines and chocolate truffles from melted cocoa. We think a course or lesson to tip your toe into the world of becoming a chocolatier is probably one of the most desirable activities you could do.

” No wonder these classes are always well attended “

Our chocolate making courses whisk you from a world where chocolate was merely a handful of roasted and ground cocoa beans and dip you in to a
chocoholics dream where rich flavoured dark and milk chocolates are delicately hand-made for a deep and indulgent gourmet chocolate experience.

” Minimum group size of 10 people and deposit of £15 PP “



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Before you ask, yes, you do get to taste an awful lot of yummy chocs when you go chocolate making! That’s the most important bit, in our mind, so we make sure there’s always plenty of it in every workshop!

To begin your session you might well hear a little about the history of the humble cocoa bean and how it got made into a chocolatey drink and moulded into bars. Then you might be shown some of the basic techniques that are used to transform the melted version of this fabulous coca into hand-made delicacies.

But before long there’s only one way this lesson is going to to go and that’s hands on! Time to don your apron, roll up your sleeves and literally get stuck in to the fine art of creating gooey truffles, crunchy praline and a whole lot more. Some of the courses take you into a world of wonderfully creative flavour combinations that go way beyond the chilli chocolate craze we all went through, whilst others stay very traditional.

You might find yourself enrobing, piping, stacking and rolling all manner of chocolate-based sweet things, but in the end no matter what the method, the result is the same – a handmade chocolate that looks and tastes so much better than your usual industrial chocolate snack. And when you’ve created a nice little gift box or bag to go with it, you’ve got yourself a lovely gift to take home with you.

Well, we say that, but in our experience when it comes to taking the fruits of your chocolate making labours away with you, most of them get polished off before you even get back through the front door.  That’s testament to just how delicious the handcrafted cocoa delights you have made are sure to be!

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