Buff Butler Hen Party Stockport

Our newest recruit Marcus booked out for a Hen Party Stockport, made the girl’s feel relaxed though out the whole party and carried out his duties in a professional manner ensuring the bride to be felt special and the guests all had fun.


List of game’s our buff butlers Stockport can play with you and guests!

  • Pass the Balloon – Equipment: Some balloons

    Split your hen party in to two teams (or more if there are lots of you) and line them up in a row.

    Each team needs a balloon and the object of the game is to pass the balloon from player to player without using their hands. To find out how to play this and more visit Hen Party Games

  • Never Have I Ever – This drinking game is for everyone so there’s nowhere to hide!

    All you need is a good selection of drinks for your butler to refill glasses with. Then ask your butler to read the questions out. For example… “Never have I ever lied about my age” and then those people who have lied about their age take a drink. To find out how to play this and more visit Hen Party Games

  • Balloon Challenge – This popular activity keeps the party going!

         You will need one pack of party balloons (or condoms if you’re feeling risqué); small pieces of paper; a pen; and         of course a Butler in the Buff to present the balloon and a pin for popping! To find out how to play this and more visit Hen Party Games


To book buff butlers in Stockport fill out the form to the right and a party planner will get in touch.

All bookings are subject to a deposit of £40 per booking, which can be paid via bank transfer, paypal, debit or credit card.

Hunky Butler Service provide’s Buff Butlers to Stockport and surrounding area’s for parties and events.

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